ARRI AMIRA – AsiaWorks gets excited

At AsiaWorks, our cameramen and DPs work on multiple formats and multiple cameras, from the RED to the C300, from Bulky HDCams and nifty EX-3s to clunky DSLRs… They pride themselves on being geeky about gear. And that’s just great, because these days the internet is full of camera porn! In fact, there’s seemingly no end to the splurge of fanboy drivel you see on equipment blogs, fawning over every technical detail, every sprocket and every pixel. Let’s be honest though, although we’re interested in pocket stills cameras that shoot 4K and smartphones that shoot at 100 frames per second, we ain’t going to be taking them into the field at the expense of our clients every day. Its all about choosing the right tool for the job.

That’s why, when cameras like the ARRI AMIRA come around, we get rather excited.

Let’s not get wound up in the fanboy and geek speak…. Here are some fast facts:

  • Arri bills it as a “documentary-style camera” – don’t be fooled… It lends itself really well to all sorts of other kinds of shooting.
  • It has the same sensor as the Arri Alexa and records in HD 1080 and 2K, with frame rates up to 200fps
  • Its a balanced, shoulder-mount camera, a design element that harks back to Betacameras of yesteryear.

There’s no doubt that a serious amount of thought has gone into this camera, most significantly is the fact that it’s been designed (in Arri’s words) for the “single user”. For us, that means its a proper camera… It is ready to shoot with out of the box (after you’ve put a lens on it of course!) there’s no messing about with screws and rods to get it on your shoulder or onto a tripod and what you see is what you get – you can make the pictures look great in-camera or you can shoot for a grade in post-production. Finally, it seems almost silly to say this but, the camera also has onboard XLR audio inputs… In a world where the video production landscape is dominated by DSLRs, having on-board audio is a crucial issue…

The chatter online about Amira is at fever pitch right now, as various retailers have begun offering packages and taking advance orders. Prices start at US $39,999. So the big question is who will pay that amount when there are other cameras and solutions on the market for much cheaper? If you’re interested in reading more about this, check out this great post from’s Matt Allard

In terms of “first looks” at this camera, there are lots. Here’s a nice video about what the camera does, from Arri

Here’s a nice first look from Zacuto, from IBC last year.

And finally… Perhaps the most cheesiest product video for a new camera, ever? We think this takes camera porn to new heights… Please share any other similar cheesy product videos for cameras if you’ve found any… We think this official Arri Amira product video is a classic!

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