There’s a new ad for Bentley out, and it was shot on an iPhone 5

In news that will either horrify or delight video makers, Bentley – one of the most prestigious brands in the world – have created their new ad on an iPhone 5 and edited it on an iPad Air right inside the car. Apple must be thrilled with the free advertising.

What may seem on the surface to be at odds with Bentley’s brand actually makes a lot of sense when you peer under the hood. The new Bentley Mulsanne is being touted as a “fusion of luxury, performance, and technology,” so it’s a smart move on Bentley’s part to make the point that you can create a high-end advertisement (albeit one that was created with a lot of extra accessories, including $5,000 Freefly MöVI gimbal stabilizers) using the car’s own tech features.

So what’s AsiaWorks take on it? Some in our company have commended the inventiveness of the filmmakers. Yaw, our Singapore DP, took a closer look:

“Interesting.  However, I don’t think this will be the industry standard anytime soon.  A good DP will know enough tricks to work with – and hide – the limitations of the tool.  And the MöVI tracking shots will make it look expensive instantly.  But even then you can tell easily from the crushed blacks and burnt highlights that it’s not an Alexa.  That’s probably why they turned it to black and white, so as to avoid showing the abysmal colour space of the smartphone.

It’s definitely a trend that the tools will get cheaper and cheaper, but thankfully human beings will not become smarter/more creative by default.  What it means is we’ll be selling more of our skills rather than the type of cameras we have.”