A quick update from our Beijing team

The 16th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2015), Is currently taking place in Shanghai


The world’s largest and most dynamic automobile market has invited the whole world to Shanghai.

Auto Shanghai 2015, is one of the two leading trade fairs for the automotive industry in China. It takes place every two years and has received large numbers of exhibitors, visitors and media from all over the world since 1985.

Our team is currently shooting the show, and having a great time down there.


Asiawork’s Marc Sarrado tests products with Stephen Engle from Bloomberg


AsiaWork’s Nicholas Bock getting up close and personal with the exhibits

Perhaps less prestigious, but no less fun was the shoot for the Oracle Computer Technology in Beijing, which saw the team shooting against a green screen, ably led by our DP Marc Sarrado


The AsiaWorks team hard at work

Other works this month include a video for the Wuhan Foreign Languages School, the first seven foreign language schools initiated in China by the then Premier, Zhou Enlai the 1960s. It was founded as a specialty school to train foreign language speakers, with the mission to cope with the increasing national demand for bilingual workforce in such sectors as foreign affairs, international trade and diplomacy.


Wuhan Foreign Language School, unlike other high schools in China, has many circles, similar to American universities.