AsiaWorks Bangkok update

Much of the very hot month of May was spent in the edit rooms, where video-editor Mikael Enlund and our producer Ratchada Chitrada finished polishing up a mini documentary about finding an inoculation against the Dengue fever virus. Meanwhile, Toto and producer Craig Knowles, put the final touches to a series on vaccinations in Laos for the GAVI Foundation.


When WC Fields joked ““Never Work With Children Or Animals” he wasn’t thinking about AsiaWorks Bangkok. Our production team took up the challenge when working on a PSA video for the Freeland Foundation, which involved filming with a temperamental (but cute) Slow Loris. The PSA is targeting a Russian audience and so the actors were either Russian or spoke Russian, making it even more complicated.


A full production team worked on the Freeland film with Marc Laban producing, Mikael Enlund behind the camera and Rob McCrory doing sound.



Right at the end of the month, Thailand hosted a multi-national conference on migration and the problem of Rohingya asylum seekers. AsiaWorks supplied an SNG truck to Al Jazeera English, with Toto, Mint, and Sid coordinating. Everything went very smoothly.