The Problem with Online Meetings…

  • It’s sometimes hard to hear and see your speakers
  • Replacing your background doesn’t always look good
  • Your brand is nowhere to be seen
  • Some webcams just aren’t up to the task
  • Your audience gets frustrated and loses interest

The result?

Your content and your reputation suffers


AsiaWorks Virtual Production Studio

A solution for producing live interactive content that is far superior to clunky “webinar” and video conferencing systems.

Key Features

Customisable screens & layouts

High definition live streaming of video content in up to 1080p

Fully compatible with Zoom, Skype, Teams and social platforms.

Creative and limitless branding opportunities

Professional Production support from a team of experts


  • Get your audience excited for the start of the show
  • Create a customised, branded title frame to make an impact when people arrive
  • Build anticipation with a countdown clock, timed to the start of the event
  • Music of your choice to set the mood for the show

Engage Your Audience

  • Place your presenters front and center, creatively arranged on screen
  • Wow your audience with engaging custom branded backgrounds
  • Brand your event with your company and sponsor logos
  • Digital transitions, creating dynamic movement that creatively transition between each scene
  • Toggle bold titles to present the names and titles of each one of your presenters
  • Live webcam stream can be cropped, re-sized and placed anywhere on screen

Present your content effectively

  • Present live data, calls-to-action, news, information and social links using jaw-dropping animation and graphics.

  • Presentation decks and video content played seamlessly and slickly into each event and presented in up to 1080 HD resolution.

  • Webcam stream can be re-sized and positioned to feature the speaker in a single shot anywhere on screen allowing them to “show and tell”.

High Quality
Video Streaming

  • Full Screen Video streaming at 1080 HD resolution

  • High quality audio stream

  • Seamless integration with major streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Twitch, Teams, Google Meet, Bluejeans and many more.

Happy Clients

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